Green Grass Landscape offers complete residential maintenance programs that will keep your lawn and landscape healthy and beautiful for years to come. Our programs include services that your home needs to keep it looking its best.

Full Landscape Maintenance Program  

Clean Ups

Spring Clean Up: Start off the year with a fresh spring clean-up of your home. Spring clean up to be completed in April, weather permitting. Clean up all branches, papers, litter, leaves and other debris from your home. All perennials and ornamental grasses shall be cut back. All planting beds and tree rings shall be edged and mulched beds shall be cultivated.

Fall Clean Up: Leaves and debris will be removed from lawn areas, shrub beds, tree rings, perennial beds and ground cover beds. All perennials shall be cut back and any annual flowers in planting beds or planters will be removed and hauled away.

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Weekly Lawn Mowing: Weekly lawn mowing once per week beginning in April and ending in November (30 occurrences) includes string trimming and blowing off sidewalks, driveways and patios. Optional to Catch Clippings.

Planting Bed Care  

Shrub Pruning: Deciduous and evergreen shrubs up to fifteen feet in height will be trimmed. All trimming will be done at the appropriate time according to plant species in order to maintain a neat and uniform appearance.

Planting Bed Maintenance Program: All tree rings and planting beds shall be weeded to keep a clean appearance each week. All tree rings and planting beds shall be edged two times throughout the season to redefine borders. All mulched beds shall be cultivated two times to improve bed appearance.

Perennial Care Program: Perennial flowers shall have dead foliage removed, and dead headed based on the specific plant. At the end of the season, all perennials will be cut back.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

5 Step Program: A total of five applications will be made at optimum times of the season to develop healthy lawn root system, promote green color and stimulate growth.

        1. Pre-Emergent Crabgrass + Fertilizer + Weed Control
        2. Fertilizer + Weed Control
        3. Grub Control + Fertilizer + Weed Control
        4. Fertilizer + Weed Control
        5. Fertilizer + Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds are guaranteed in between applications and will be resprayed at NO additional cost. A post emergent grub control application will take place if an outbreak occurs, at NO additional cost.

Additional Add On Services Available

For a healthier, greener lawn, add these services:

Core Aeration: Help reduce soil compaction and promote healthy root growth throughout your lawn with our aeration service.

Over Seeding:  Introduce new grass seed into weak or bare areas, as well as thickening existing turf. For best results, over seeding should be done in conjunction with the aeration service.

Lawn Winterizer Application:  Promote strong, deep roots for a green, healthy lawn in the spring.

For healthy, insect free shrubs and ornamentals, add these services:

​Viburnum Leaf Beetle Insecticide:  Help prevent foliar damage to your Viburnum shrubs this season with our Viburnum Leaf Beetle insecticide application.

Japanese Beetle:
  Help prevent and limit foliar damage to flowering shrubs and ornamentals from Japanese Beetles this summer with our Japanese Beetle insecticide application.

​Enhance and beautify your landscape with these services:

Premium Mulch & Compost Installation:
  Quickly beautify your planting beds and tree rings with our premium mulch installation. Improve your planting bed soil quality with our compost installation this season.

Annual Flower Rotations:  Throughout the four seasons, install a variety of color and texture in your planting beds and planters to enhance your curb appeal.

Dormant Prune:
  Rejuvenate old or overgrown shrubs and ornamentals with our dormant pruning service during the winter months.

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